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Where Have You Been?

I moved from Seattle to Boston to manage Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO) for Turbine in 2006. While there, I architected the change to the Free-to-Play business model that it's using today. I also worked on launching the Mines of Moria expansion for The Lord of the Rings Online and served as Director of Product Marketing for both titles.

Given my close ties with Dungeons & Dragons, Turbine was concerned that my work with DDO would create a conflict of interest with continuing Bastion Press. So, we went quiet for a few years, with Steve Creech continuing the work through Dragonwing Games (thanks, Steve!).

These days, I'm living in San Francisco as the global brand director for RIFT. Now that there's no danger of a conflict of interest, it's time for me to take Bastion Press to the next level.

So, what's the next level? Pathfinder is an obvious choice, as is the GSL for 4E. Support for Hero Labs and virtual gaming tables like Fantasy Grounds and d20 Pro are also important. Fiction is definitely on the agenda.

Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Instead of carving out a series of messageboards, Facebook is the better choice for sharing and chatting these days, so we'll start there.

What is missing from your roleplaying these days? Let me know on Facebook (which will serve as our Community) and Twitter.

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